Faculty & Staff

Jennifer Miller - Head Teacher

My name is Mrs. Jennifer Miller and I am the head teacher at Dover First Christian School. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. As an Adventist Christian teacher, I fully believe we are to be raising the future Daniels and Esthers of the world. We are living in a time when people need to develop the strong leadership skills as seen in the Bible characters like Daniel and Esther. In our school, we not only strive for academic excellence and preparing the child for their future educational goals, we use God as the guiding force to propel our students to the next level by teaching them about service to others, leadership, developing lasting relationship, and most especially Godly values in our ever changing world.

I hold my Master’s in Special Education from East Stroudsburg University and my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Kutztown University. I am also credentialed as an Early Childhood Educator through Washington Adventist University and my Principal credentials from Andrews University. I am currently certified as Administrator, Early Childhood Educator, Elementary Educator, and Special Education Educator. My specialized credentials include Gessell Institute, Conscious Discipline, Differentiated Instruction, Envoy, and Love and Logic.

In my personal life, I am the proud mother of two amazing daughters. Both of my daughters have attended Adventist schools since they entered school. This is a conscious choice my husband made before we ever had children as a step to give them the benefits of the high academic standards in Adventist Education, and to help them to become lifelong leaders for God never forgetting that it is God who blesses them with all their gift and talents. This is the exact same thing I bring into my classroom- a drive for academic excellence with God as the driving force and the love of learning and accomplishing greatness in God’s eyes.

I look forward to working with your child at Dover First Christian School.

Samuel Engles - Teacher

My name is Samuel Gracious Engles. I have been working as an instructional aide for an Adventist school in Linthicum, Maryland for about five years. I want to teach in a Seventh-day Adventist school to prepare students for success. I will learn what I have learned from teaching in multi-grade classrooms to diversify my teaching to help all of my students gain the knowledge and understanding they need to be successful. I will not only be able to share my intensive earthly knowledge, but I will also be able to share my understanding and love of Christ. Every student in my classroom will be given the opportunity to understand that they will achieve their ultimate success when they meet Jesus Christ and are joined with Him in Heaven

Wayne Martin - Music Teacher

My name is Rodger W. Martin, Sr. I am the guitar instructor here at the Dover First Christian School. I was born in Baltimore, MD. I am the youngest of five siblings. I began to play guitar at the age of thirteen from my older brother Roy Martin. My brother and I would play various artists such as The Everly Brothers, The Kingston Trio, and a variety of different country artists.

A few years later, in 1981, I began my first gospel group, The New Horizon. It was made up of myself and a few of the other members of the church. We were together for several years before splitting up after a tragic accident to one of the band members. I had another gospel group, The Master's Troubadouer. The name would later change to Compassion. I was able to compose music for two albums. I've written twenty to twenty-five gospel songs. The first gospel song I wrote was, On My Knees, at the age of thirty-two. During the years of writing and composing music, I studied classical guitar through Jeff Thornley at B&B Music. Since having learned the classical style, I was able to create and write songs with the different styles and techniques which I love to do.

Through my last gospel group, we were able to bless many children in Honduras through the Reach foundation and for many children at St. Jude's Children's Hospital. We were able to raise thousands of dollars for the children in Honduras so they could receive an education, vaccinations, food, and clothing they desperately needed. We were able to sponsor many children through God's will. We did the same for the children at St. Jude's. I felt so blessed to be able to help all the children in both places. This was one of our greatest achievements!!

Growing up as a child, we were not able to afford private lessons. Luckily for me, I was blessed to have a family to teach me to play the guitar. God has truly blessed me to be able to offer the same for the students at Dover First Christian School. I have a chance to share my knowledge and passion of music. Hopefully, I will inspire them to follow Jesus Christ and maybe they, in return, will bring people closer to the Lord through music as well!!!

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